Possibilities of application

Since ancient times the Greeks and Romans have used olive oil for looking after their bodies as a sore and healing ointment against skin diseases and lots of other things.
The combination of olive oil and Sole has, on the one hand the advantage that Sole has a cleansing, disinfecting, compensating and regenerating effect, whilst on the other hand the olive oil is taken up by the body particularly well due to the high amount of simple unsaturated fatty acids whose composition is very similar to our skin fat. The oil prevents the skin from drying out, tensing or irritating.
By applying Maque Sole oil to the skin it has an energy-compensating, cleansing and regenerating effect for body, mind and soul.

For using Maque Sole oil successfully the following points should be observed:

  • Maque® Sole should be shaken before use so that a creamy, golden-yellow consistency is achieved (Maque consciously does not use any emulsifiers. The combination of Sole and oil holds for about 2-3 minutes.

  • You can let Maque® Sole oil work directly into the skin or use it instead of shower gel or for the bath. It cleans and leaves behind a pleasant film of oil after drying.

  • Using Maque® Sole oil on open skin areas can lead to a light burning sensation due to the amount of Sole – comparable with a bath in the sea.

  • If it is cold the natural oils can crystallise as a result leaving a white-coloured layer on the surface. This disappears again when the temperatures increase.

  • Maque® Sole oil is a purely natural product and a gift from nature to us people. We therefore ask you to use it heedfully.


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