My path to self-employment began back in 1998 in the cosmetic industry, in colour, style and nutrition consultancy as well as in kinesiology. In 2002 I developed Maque Sole oil and I am really pleased to be able to present this product to you especially because its variety and ingeniousness is one-of-a-kind.The message that I am trying to convey with Maque Sole oil is as that:

“Every one of us possesses this ingeniousness and individuality!”

We should recall that into our consciousness so that everyone can live his complete personality. In this spirit I wish you lots of pleasure with Maque Sole oil!

Marianne Quehenberger
The development of Maque® Sole Oil
An important ingredient of Maque® Sole oil is untreated rock salt.

The concentrated energy from the sun and earth lead to the drying out of the ancient seas and to the storage of the precious salt in the mountains millions of years ago. Salt in its original form contains the whole oscillation sample of all minerals and trace elements which are also found in and needed by the human body.
The second main ingredient of Maque® Sole oil is high quality, biological olive oil.

The olive tree is one of the oldest cultivated plants on the earth. Long before olive oil was used in foods it was used as a medicinal and beauty elixir.
The third main ingredient of Maque® Sole oil is pure mineral water.

If salt dissolves in water then “SOLE” is created. This is similar to sea water but the salt levels are more concentrated.
The picture shows the first meeting of Sole and olive oil – a harmonic connection of two contrary natural elements.

The mixture is rounded off with nicely smelling ethereal oils, whose compensating balm effect is good for the spirit.
Shaking the mixture causes the Sole and olive oil elements to connect – with the fascinating result of a tender golden-yellow emulsion.
Maque® Sole oil is informed, fluid light energy which awakens the fascination of “life” or rather our “liveliness” again using the connection to nature.
Maque Philosophy

Maque absolute Being reawakens the fascination of “LIFE” or rather our “LIVELINESS” again using the connection to nature. Seldom are we contented with what we have achieved; we continually orientate ourselves on the achievements of others or rather on what they own.

Imagine if nature would strive for the same! The fir trees wanting leaves or the cats wanting to be dogs. Within the shortest space of time there would be complete chaos and nature would “lose” itself completely!

Why do we want that? Why do we try to change our personality? Does that bring us further or are we losing ourselves?

Do we still know the feeling of excitement if we are allowed to do the things that we enjoy the most? By doing things that we really enjoy we develop our real abilities. So why don’t we use these abilities?

Let’s start living “ME” again – accepting ourselves as we are with all our strengths and weaknesses. Let’s promote our individuality – in contrast to the feelable trend of general imitation. Only if we can understand our own individuality can we live in connection with nature and be pleased with our own beauty and abundance.
The principle of Maque® Sole oil is originality, simplicity and perfection! Whenever you come into contact with it think of the abundance and perfection that you have within you and let others take part in that love.

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